Merlin Update

Tompkins County is now regularly blessed with quite a few pair of Merlin 
beginning with the first documented pair in 2005 (T. Gallagher), a part of the 
explosive, southward advance in the last 30 years. I have been trying to 
document nest success rates for 5 years. After the first year, I have shared 
the location of only one nest. That was the nest opposite GIAC and in a tree 
within the fence around the public swimming pool. This year I have followed 10 
pairs in Tompkins County.


Currently successful

Between Dryden and Lake Dryden. Male brought in a catbird for his mate on nest 
a few days ago.

Along University Ave.

West of Catholic church toward Myer’s Point probably in nest built and 
successfully used by Fish Crow this year. (Thanks Jay and Connor)

Near Highland and Wyckoff

Downtown Trumansburg

Between Murial and Salem.

Lost track of:

Freeville: pair seen earlier in same location as last year’s nest, but left.

South Hill School: pair seen around old nest for two weeks, but left

Pair that drove crows off nest along Burleigh Dr., but still left.


Pair seen incubating near Dryden Family Medicine, but failed.

If anyone has recently seen Merlin in the Lost Track Of locations or anywhere 
else, please contact<>

Thanks for help with this fascinating species

John Confer


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