I counted 347 loons in southward migration over Danby from 6:52-9:06 (Comfort 
Rd. migration watch site adjacent to the Finger Lakes Trail crossing, 1/4 mile 
south of Lieb Rd).

Meade Period 1-9 totals: 11,22,60,12,22,52,66,49,32.

Most of the flight was to the east of the watch. >90% were less than 600 feet 
above my ground level and the early flight was seemingly at eye level coursing 
over the Michigan Hollow Valley. 


From: Bill Evans 
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2020 9:50 AM
To: Cayuga Birds 
Subject: Loon migration alert - Sat morning

Thanks to all who posted loon migration reports last week. While I realize my 
credibility has taken a hit as a big flight prognosticator, all signs look good 
for a HEFTY loon flight tomorrow morning (Saturday 21Nov). 

If you’d like to report numbers using the old protocol developed by Bob Meade, 
tally totals for 15-minute periods with period 1 the 15 minutes before sunrise, 
period 2 the first 15 minutes after sunrise, and so forth.  The peak loon 
flight typically comes off Cayuga & Seneca Lakes in periods 1-3 and the Lake 
Ontario peak passes over the Ithaca/Watkins Glen area and a broad swath of the 
Southern Tier during periods 5-9. Based on past reports, it seems loon 
migration largely finishes crossing the region by the end of period 10.  

Sunrise tomorrow in Ithaca is 7:06, so the Meade periods Saturday are:

Period 1 – 6:52-7:06
Period 2 – 7:07-7:21
Period 3 – 7:22-7:36
Period 4 – 7:37-7:51
Period 5 – 7:52-8:06
Period 6 – 8:07-8:21
Period 7 – 8:22-8:36
Period 8 – 8:37-8:51
Period 9 – 8:52-9:06
Period 10 – 9:07-9:21

Urbi et Orbi!

Bill Evans
Town of Danby

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