I love Merlins and Merlin reports and people who send in Merlin reports. I 
check them all out. . Thanks to such reports, I have observed an increasing 
number of incubated nests in Tompkins County as follows: 2 (2014), 6 (2015), 6 
(2016), 5 (2017), 3(2018), 6 (2019), 9 (2020).  These include pairs in 
Trumansburg, Lansing, Dryden, Freeville, Etna, and Ithaca (plus hints of a pair 
in Groton). Local observers provided guidance to almost all of these. I have 
written one paper on this, and am trying to write a more complete paper 
including habitat choice. Interestingly, all nests have been in urban/suburban 
areas. None in forests nor edge of forest nor edge of lake.
Merlins start egg-laying in early May. Observations in late March are helpful 
by providing a hint about where they may finally nest. For instance, the pair 
observed by so many at Myer's Pint never nested there. Weeks after being seen 
at Myer's Point, there was a pair about 800 m east closer to the Catholic 
I would love to have individuals provide me with their observations at 

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