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At least one Merlin has returned to the Northeast Ithaca  neighborhood. I say 
“at least” one because there is a male perching regularly on the large sycamore 
at the north end of Muriel St. (and calling in that area) and one seen 
regularly (by Brad) flying around and calling on Birchwood Dr.  I live about 
halfway between these areas on Tareyton and also see/hear one regularly flying 
over— so we don’t know if this represents 1 or 2 birds.

Interestingly there was a pair of Merlins (one noticeably larger) perched and 
calling in the Muriel sycamore on a warm day in February— so they may have been 
winteri g locally.


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I love Merlins and Merlin reports and people who send in Merlin reports[Heart 
Eyes]. I check them all out. . Thanks to such reports, I have observed an 
increasing number of incubated nests in Tompkins County as follows: 2 (2014), 6 
(2015), 6 (2016), 5 (2017), 3 (2018), 6 (2019), 9 (2020).  These include pairs 
in Trumansburg, Lansing, Dryden, Freeville, Etna, and Ithaca (plus hints of a 
pair in Groton). Local observers provided guidance to almost all of these. I 
have written one paper on this, and am trying to write a more complete paper 
including habitat choice. Interestingly, all nests have been in urban/suburban 
areas. None in forests nor edge of forest nor edge of lake.

Merlins start egg-laying in early May. Observations in late March are helpful 
by providing a hint about where they may finally nest. For instance, the pair 
observed by so many at Myer's Pint never nested there. Weeks after being seen 
at Myer's Point, there was a pair about 800 m east closer to the Catholic 

I would love to have individuals provide me with their observations at 


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