At around 11am there was an Osprey, possibly the same, sitting on a tree at 
jetty woods along the inlet, across from the Treman marina mouth. I was alerted 
to its presence by its call, which was clearly prompted by my approach along 
the trail right below it, as I looked up to see it staring down at me swinging 
its head side to side in mild annoyance. It didn't take off. Earlier I met 
Sandy at Renwick woods who said she'd seen one also.

Also earlier at Renwick woods I heard a winter wren's song, not far south of 
the northeast entrance to the woods. The first few bouts of the song were 
unusual in that they were short, lasting only about a second, in contrast to 
their normal strung out phrases lasting up to five seconds or more. I wondered 
whether it could've been a starling mimic. Interestingly, those songs seem to 
have prompted a response from a nearby Carolina wren who started belting out 
its song rather insistently, it seemed to me, as if to remind the winter wren 
of its place in the pecking order. Later when I was along fall creek I heard 
a/the winter wren song again, more distantly and from approximately the same 
direction, and I want to say longer this time.

Composed by thumb and autocorrect.

> On Mar 27, 2021, at 1:26 PM, Dave Nutter <> wrote:
> 12:05pm: I just saw my First-Of-Year Osprey flying slowly north past my 
> house while it stared down at the Flood Control Channel, clearly ready to 
> take a meal while traveling, whether the trip was local or long-distance. 
> ...


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