In my evening jog around Mulholland Wildflower Preserve, I saw a
songbird foraging under the waterfall opposite the creek at the inner
loop trail. I didn't have binoculars, so could only make out brown
upperparts and light underparts, showing almost white at one point. I
couldn't make out any overt tail wagging, and the bird neither sang
nor called. The foraging behavior seemed consistent with a Louisiana
Waterthrush, but it could also have been an Eastern Phoebe (posture
didn't look upright while on the ground, and I didn't see it fly to a
perch), Song Sparrow (didn't seem to have the reddish color or long
tail), or a female Junco. If anyone is out there with binoculars, keep
an eye out.

Meanwhile, in my morning walk to enjoy the fresh snowscape, I heard
the plaintive song of a Fox Sparrow from the overlook of the Second
Dam reservoir. I'm pretty sure it was the deeper song of a Fox Sparrow
rather than the higher-pitched American Tree Sparrow, though I
wondered which species was more likely to want to sing in the cold
snowy morning.



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