For a weekend, It’s calm and quiet on the lake as I eat my lunch on my boat 
house deck.
 8 Common Loons have been ranged out around in front of me all the way over to 
the west shore. 2 more to the north, probably more.
I got to see one pattering on the water to take off and fly north -something 
you don’t see every day!

A pair each of Red- breasted & Common Mergansers, with a Kingfisher zipping 
back & forth.

A few Ring-billed gulls waiting to see if they can steal a goodie from the 
divers. Several Robins, Grackles & Red-winged Blackbirds on shore, too.
Grackles exploring the docks on top & underneath.
Meanwhile, up at the house, I have a whole herd of cowbirds!

Donna Scott
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