Along the Montezuma wildlife drive yesterday morning, I was most
captivated by the fishing show put on by the Great Blue Herons. Here's
one of many video clips I took (the rest I probably won't have time to
edit til -- who knows when?):

The GBH didn't seem to need a break between fishes, catching as many
as it could swallow. When one bird had a string of consecutive
catches, it would draw the attention of other GBHs who would fly in to
join the cluster. They always maintained respectful social distancing,
never trying to steal from each other like other species might. I got
the impression that only a couple of the birds were proficient at
fishing, able to pick out multiple fishes at a time, while others
seemed less successful (this is unconfirmed observation as my camera
was always focused on one individual at a time). Every now and then a
GBH would mildly shoo away another, which didn't seem any closer to
the flock than others. I got the impression that there were tribes, or
perhaps family groups, which did not enjoy the presence of outsiders
as much.

At one point a couple ospreys came soaring by, and casually dropped in
to pick up a snack. I caught the tail end of one such dive, but it was
out of focus.



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