Hi everyone,

 This morning I found a pair of what I believe to be greater yellowlegs at 
Jennings Pond.  They are sitting on the beaver lodge in the NW corner of the 
pond (the end nearer to Bald Hill Rd). The plumage is dark but they have yellow 
(not green) legs and showed white rump patches when flushed from the pond edge 
at Bald Hill Rd.  The bills look slightly upturned, so I'm thinking these are 
greater rather than lesser yellowlegs. The birds were still there when I left 
the pond a few minutes ago. So if you are in the Danby area, feel free to check 
them out. For what it is worth, there's also a pied-billed grebe paddling 
around the same corner of the pond.

 Happy birding,



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