Well, all my expected migrants showed up this week.  A hummingbird showed up 
this morning.  It was eating from flowers on a weed in my patio.  I’ve often 
believed that they will go to a natural food source before the feeder.  I’ve 
had my feeders out for a week now and again I saw it on a flower rather than 
the feeder.  I bought a lot of flowers yesterday and they are accessible though 
protected on the front porch.  I won’t plant for weeks.

Last week the Oriole, Rose Breasted Grosbeak, and Catbird arrived.  The week 
before that the Purple Finches arrived.  I still have some White Throated 
Sparrows and a few White Crown Sparrows.  I’ve also had a one day stop over of 
male and female Towhees.  Last week the House Wren showed up.    He’s singing 
daily.  My pair of Tree Swallows is back and nesting.  I had a single Barn 
Swallow fly over when I was mowing.  No warblers yet.  I usually have yellow 
and Common Yellowthroats out back.  I always get a Warbling Vireo too which I 
haven’t heard yet.  Ah spring.

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