Carol Johnson and I were on the East Trail boardwalk at Sapsucker Woods on 
Thursday morning, enjoying the sounds of several Northern Waterthrushes and a 
Great Crested Flycatcher, when we both spied a peculiar bird snooping around 
the base of a tree in the marsh not far from the boardwalk.  We had only a few 
seconds once we each got our binoculars on it before it flew off.  But we were 
left with the impression of a male BH Cowbird whose head was about the right 
color, but whose body was far too light (about, say, the color of a female BH 
Cowbird's breast).  We didn't really see--or "register"--the color of the eyes 
and the exact size/shape of the bill in the brief glimpse we had.  That's 
unfortunate, because in my later Googling for this color pattern, and for 
"leucistic" and "cowbird", I didn't find any images of cowbirds that looked 
like "our" bird, but I DID find a photo of a supposedly leucistic Common 
Grackle which looks quite a lot like our bird:

But whether we were looking at an anomalously pigmented cowbird or grackle 
(bummer that we didn't get the eyes and bill!)...or even something else, I 
can't be sure.

Has anyone seen such a bird at Sapsucker Woods, or have any insights into 
pigment issues in those or similar species?  If so, TIA!



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