Like yesterday hawthorn orchard was again relatively quiet today, nashville 
warblers continuing to be the dominant singer, with a good number of white 
crowned sparrows singing and foraging in the freshly and messily mown grass, 
joining a seemingly diminishing number of white throated sparrows.

Then Ken Kemphues chased me down to tell me that he'd just seen an 
orange-crowned sparrow after following an unfamiliar trill, and together we 
were able to relocate it. (So FOY credit goes to him.) The trill fits in the 
junco-chipping range, but doesn't stay in the same pitch like those songs, 
varying and slowly descending towards the end. At times it seemed to have an 
edge, and was somewhat reminiscent of a female cowbird's chatter.

Composed by thumb and autocorrect.

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