Dark-chestnut male Orchard Oriole, FOY Yard bird here today!
Along with several brilliant orange & muted-orange B Orioles.

Cardinals & Goldfinch are bright regulars, along with purpley Grackles.
Yellow Warblers search the tree blossoms for bugs.
Green-backed, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds sip nectar, as the male Indigo Bunting 
grabs seed from the railing.
Blue Jays are up to their usual antics & the lovely rusty-backed Wood Thrush 
serenades from the woods nearby.

Robin red breast is joined on the lawn by the multi-colored Flicker, as the 
soft-tan M. Doves search for fallen seeds.

It is hard to tend to chores with this rainbow 🌈 show outside!

Donna Scott
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