Despite the predation by Crows, who hunted them in the tall grass at the 
water’s edge, lots of toads succeeded in leaving long strings of eggs in my 
pond, and today the jellied strings have opened to release tiny, tiny tadpoles. 

Even tinier (3mm long) are the just-hatched forest caterpillars (eastern tent, 
I think). Hundreds of them are walking on my porch railing under a big sugar 
maple. All this food for Cuckoos! And right on cue, a Black-billed Cuckoo, 
tripli-cooing off in the woods.

I found two singing Canada Warblers this morning along the brook below my place 
on the western edge of the L-P Preserve, where they have nested in the past. 
Hope they’ll do it again, as I missed the confirmation during last year’s Atlas 



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