In a very last-minute decision this morning, I managed to get out today for my 
first springtime birding, after having been occupied with work-related 
obligations these past few weeks.

I spent about 1h 45m at the very quiet Hawthorn Orchard on this warm and very 
clear/sunny day, starting around 9:15am.

Highlights for me were two different Black-billed Cuckoos that were actively 
foraging, singing, and gurgle calling. One bird was in the Southwest corner and 
one bird was in the Northwest corner. At one point, I was watching the bird in 
the Northwest corner as I simultaneously heard a bird singing from the 
direction of the Southwest corner.

Other birds included a singing Indigo Bunting in the NW clearing, a Blackpoll 
Warbler singing from the oaks in the Northwest corner, a couple of singing 
Magnolia Warblers, and two Tennessee Warblers.

Some media have been added to my eBird checklist, here:

Good birding!

Chris T-H

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