This morning, I made my second trip to the Hawthorn Orchard, from around 9am to 
11am. It was getting pretty warm in there by late morning and things were 
quieting down.

It was nice running into and chatting with Ken Kemphues and Stuart Krasnoff 
along the trails there, where most of the activity was, in the Northeast corner 
and along that whole North edge.

Highlights included a single Blackpoll Warbler, up to four vocally-active and 
fairly cooperative Bay-breasted Warblers, a couple of Tennessee Warblers (male, 
female), and a single singing Canada Warbler. Other birds included a heard-only 
Alder Flycatcher, a couple of Magnolia Warblers, and a couple of vocal 
Chestnut-sided Warblers (singing alternate songs), among other expected species.

I’ve included some bad photos of some of the birds that I saw, as well as some 
audio recordings in my eBird checklist, here:

Good birding!

Chris T-H

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