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>> Outside of Cayuga basin, but I had a black billed cuckoo at Lime Hollow 
>> Nature Center on Wednesday.
>> Good birding!
>> Maryfaith

Three points: 

First, the CayugaBirds-L list serve is about birds in the general area.  

Second, I think most of Lime Hollow is within the Cayuga Basin, draining via 
Beaver Creek to join Fall Creek near Malloryville, although Stupke Pond is 
outside the basin, draining via Otter Creek to the Tioghnioga River.

Third, many interesting birding areas are in wetlands that formed in saddles at 
the edge of the Cayuga Basin, and part of the challenge of listing within the 
Basin is that many of those spots are just outside, in the part of the saddle 
that drains away from Cayuga Lake: 

Hile School Rd wetland is at the headwaters of the Owasco Inlet.
Just beyond the headwaters of Fall Creek, Bear Swamp Creek drains north to 
Skaneateles Lake.

Goetchius is not far from Six-mile Creek, but it drains east and south into 
Owego Creek West Branch. 

Shindagin Hollow, Ridgeway Rd, & Steam Mill Fen all drain south to Catatonk 
Creek and Owego. 

Just beyond Jennings Pond, which is the headwaters of Buttermilk Creek, nearly 
all of Michigan Hollow and its wetlands also drain south.  

That’s why great birds found in those places don’t end up on the annual Cayuga 
Basin First Records list that I keep. 

There are plenty of great places within the Basin, too, of course. My advice is 
to choose whatever interesting place is closest, where you can spend the most 
time and get to know its birds.

- - Dave Nutter 

P.S. The north end of the Cayuga Basin, as defined in a 1926 botany textbook, 
is a bit more complex, and I won’t go into it now. 


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