This morning, I birded for a short while with Melissa Groo, before doing more 
exploration of the area alone. I ran into Jay McGowan for a bit, plus another 
individual whose name I didn’t get.

Early on, there was a single Veery near the entrance by the softball field, and 
part-way into the Northeast corner, our ears picked up on a nearby, but not 
visible, calling Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. Today, this particular individual 
was calling with short, soft “chu-wee” calls from deep in the dense mid-story 

Later, a single Swainson’s Thrush was seen actively foraging among the upper 
canopy of a basswood tree, a single Tennessee Warbler sang half-heartedly from 
the Northeast corner, and a Pine Warbler sang weakly from Pines in the 
direction of Mitchell Street.

Other birds present included a single Blackpoll Warbler, a “pipping” Alder 
Flycatcher, an Eastern Wood-Pewee, and a single “che-becking” Least Flycatcher, 
all while a recently-fledged flock of European Starlings begged incessantly 

Other than that, it was relatively quiet and it seems that most of migration 
has come to a close. I would expect a Wilson’s Warbler or two, perhaps another 
day or two with Yellow-bellied Flycatcher(s), and maybe a lucky individual will 
encounter an Olive-sided Flycatcher.

Good birding and here’s my eBird checklist which includes the audio recording 
of the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher:

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