I first heard a Yellow-billed Cuckoo on the 17th, but it had not made the "kddow Kddow" call. Just single notes, and not very loud.  Listening to the calls of both Black-billed and Yellow-billed I determined it was a Yellow-billed.  The past couple days it has been calling and making the full call along with the kddow.   I worked in my garden most of today and it was calling off and on the whole time.  At 5 O'clock I was walking the dogs out the driveway and it  called out incredibly loud.  It really surprised me, it continued on and on, I could still hear it when we were up the road, going east on Mt. Pleasant.

After dinner, I went out to finish up in the garden.  It must have been after 8, not quite totally dark yet.  Instead of birds, there were frogs calling.  Suddenly I was hearing a peent or peer call, behind me, over the woods.  Just as I realized what it was it must have dove as I heard the whir sound - a Common Nighthawk! It continued the peer call as it seemed to go out over the field, or stayed over the woods along the field flying south, and I heard the whir sound again.  The sky was still kinda light but I could not find it.  I did not hear it again.

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