It's our annual Club Picnic! Monday, June 14  6-8 pm Meet at Myers Park 
Pavilion "E" (pavilion along the creek with Motus antennas above it - next to 
Salmon Creek before the driveway to the spit). Instead of the traditional 
dish-to-pass event everyone should bring their own food and folding chairs, so 
we can arrange ourselves on the grass to socialize.
 This will be our first in-person meeting since the pandemic began. 
Participants should continue to heed CDC guidelines. Those who are fully 
vaccinated do not need to wear masks, but others should continue to do so and 
maintain social distancing. Bring binocularswe will do some birding after 
dinner.  [Note: Myers Park charges admission ($6/car) to non-residents of 
Lansing until 6pm] 
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