I retract my Grasshopper Sparrow sighting ☹

Upon a conversation with Chris at the Audubon Center this morning and 
re-listening (and not being super excited at a “lifer” and blinded by 
excitement) I agree with him, they were Savannahs. They sound super similar (to 
me), and Chris shared a helpful mnemonic with me that I hadn’t learned before, 
for the SAVS: sa-sa-sa-sa VAN-NAH. The difference that I could pick out with 
GRSP is that they do not have that last syllable, the “NAH”. Still, very buzzy 
and insect-like.

Critical thinking, Alyssa!

I am working on uploading a video to eBird, but have to convert from iMovie to 

Just goes to show, even birders who work for Audubon, get things wrong 
sometimes 😊

Alyssa Johnson
Environmental Educator

Montezuma Audubon Center
PO Box 187
2295 State Route 89
Savannah, NY 13146
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

From: Johnson, Alyssa
Sent: Wednesday, June 9, 2021 7:44 PM
To: Cayugabirds-L@cornell.edu
Subject: Armitage rd by the big barn

Grasshopper sparrows galore! Bobolinks singing! 13-15 Sandhill Cranes. Very 
cool spot- in the middle of the fields by the big wooden barn.

Alyssa Johnson
Environmental Educator
Montezuma Audubon Center


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