[A hummingbird flying next to a flower  Description automatically generated 
with medium confidence]Webinar: How High-Energy Hummingbirds Survive-a Q&A with 
the Experts
Date: Tuesday, August 3, 2:00 p.m. Eastern
Register: https://bit.ly/HummingbirdsWebinar

Hummingbirds delight with their brilliant colors and dizzying flight. But all 
that nonstop activity comes at a high energy cost, so how do hummers meet their 
calorie needs? Join researchers Anusha Shankar from the Cornell Lab of 
Ornithology and Erich Eberts from the University of Toronto Scarborough as they 
share what they've learned about how hummingbirds use energy. Discover the 
demands of migration, the nesting season, and even just getting through the 
night; plus learn how sleep differs from torpor. We'll also spend time 
answering your questions about these flying jewels during live Q&A. Register to 
attend: https://bit.ly/HummingbirdsWebinar

Photo: Anna's Hummingbird by Grace Oliver/Macaulay 


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