Sometimes on nice fall days out here in NW Lansing it is blessedly QUIET!
Today has been like that - first by the lake and then along ‘my’ stream in the 

No cars, no planes, no noisy boats. Not even much wind.
Just calm, flat lake water, with a very occasional Loon bark to the west.

By the woodland stream no human sounds could be heard except when I resumed 
walking in the dry fallen leaves.
Then came faint bird songs - a flock of Robins flew in to feast on the 
bountiful clusters of wild grapes while quietly chirping now & then.

A WB Nuthatch tooted 2x & later a Red-bellied Woodpecker called while flitting 
from one dead tree to another.
And all the while the stream gently tumbled over the rocks & logs, making the 
only ‘noise.’

Donna Scott
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