Bill Evans made similar observations on Facebook yesterday:

11/23, 8:43am:
Huge flotilla of 800+ loons aborted southbound flight due to lake
effect snow and are headed back toward Cayuga Lake over 96b valley in

11/23 10:07am:
Follow up: As the dense lake effect band moved south of Danby and
split into multiple NW-SE running bands, the mass of loons came back
south in a more protracted flight. I counted over 900 southbound loons
from ~8:40-9:30 over the rte. 96B valley (over the Danby hamlet).
These birds are well into PA by now.


This coming Friday and Saturday look to have similar north-westerly
wind patterns, so could be worth checking out. Watching from the west
side of the lake (hog's hole or Taughannock) will probably be more
pleasant for the human; if watching from Myers or East Shore, expect
the bitter wind to be blowing in your face :-).



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