Hi folks

I saw the original thread on this, and also Chris's reply, both below.

I am not familiar with the models in the Wirecutter article. I have personally 
gotten a lot of good info from Wirecutter.

What I can add is that last year I tested a lot of binoculars while buying new 
pairs for my wife and myself. Of course we found a lot of great ones starting 
at several hundred dollars a pair.

However, for far less money, I was very impressed with the Vortex Diamondback 
HD 10x42, which are currently selling for $229 at one major retailer and 
probably others.

I couldn't see a lot of difference between these and some others that cost two 
and three times as much.

I did not test them long term, nor in wet/foggy conditions, etc. 

I recommended these to a family member who wanted to spend just a couple 
hundred dollars and he is very happy with them.



    Subject: Re: Binoculars - reasonably priced?
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    Just updated in late Nov. I didn’t disagree with anything said but I’m not 
familiar with all the models reviewed.
    Written by a birder/ornithologist/real user.



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    I hope this is an acceptable message for this ListServ. Can anyone suggest 
reasonably priced binoculars for a beginning birder? I’m taking a chance that 
the recipient will even pursue birding and I also know that “bad” binoculars 
can discourage a beginner. So I’d really appreciate a couple of suggestions!

    Many thanks,
    Kathleen Kramer


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