Hi All,
 Today while waiting for an appointment, I stopped by Onondaga Lake. I found a 
flock of about 100 starlings. Almost every one that I saw had a wooly bear 
caterpillar in its beak and they were slapping the caterpillar back and forth 
across the blacktop. It was windy and occasionally one would would escape the 
bird’s grip, curl up, and roll across the pavement only to be retrieved by the 
bird. I stayed long enough to finally see one be successfully eaten. 
  I was wondering how there could be so many of the caterpillars found all at 
once this time of year. I would have taken photos, but I didn’t have my camera. 
It was fascinating to watch and left me with many questions. It certainly 
didn’t look like an easy meal.

Diana Whiting



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