Here is my best estimate for weather conditions for the Ithaca CBC

Between 3 and 7 am (owling)  there will be an area of rain showers
unfortunately that move through. they could last 2 hours or so.
Temperatures will be between 45F and 47F (7-8C). Winds will be from the
south around 5 mph.

Then between 7 am and Noon...there will be overcast skies with just a few
sprinkles/drizzle at times. It doesn't look like the steadier rains will
arrive....yet.  Temperatures range from 47F-50F (8-10C).  Winds will be
from the south around 7 mph, quite light.

Then the early afternoon should continue with just a few light rain showers
or sprinkles, nothing of consequence.  Temperatures will be in the low 50s
F (around 11C). winds from the southwest 6-7 mph.

Steady rain arrives between 3 pm and 4 pm and it rains until 9 pm or so,
then there will be some showers after this. Temperatures will drop to the
mid 40s F (7-8C) once the steadier rain arrives and then fall into the low
40s F (6 C) by late evening. Winds will shift to the north in the early
evening around 6 mph. There also likely will be fog forming in the evening.

Hope this helps. Good luck to all. I am looking forward to assisting this

Best and Happy New Year to all!

Dave Nicosia


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