Three options (at least):

(1) Peter's resource is great because it seems like at least initially, 
the government will have kits on hand to send out.

(2) But /in addition/_,_ for those who can find at-home tests for sale, 
anyone with health insurance /also/ can get 8 free tests/month.  So if 
you are a family of 3, your family can get up to 24 tests every month 
for free.  Each insurer will have it's own procedure so you may need to 
go online to find out if you can just show your card at the pharmacy to 
get them for free or if you will have to pay upfront and submit a claim 
to be reimbursed.  Right now at-home testing kits are hard to find but 
in a few weeks that should improve.

(3) If you want to be tested and can't find a kit, Tompkins & Cortland 
County residents still can get free drive through testing by appointment 
- more info here <>.  Others also may be 
able to get free tests by appointment if there is a need (they have 
symptoms, upcoming medical procedure, etc) or if their insurance or 
employer has an agreement with CMC - info here 

You can do any or all of these, choosing one doesn't mean you can't do 
the others.

And Birding Content: 3 snowy owls close by the Martin Rd. pull off 
yesterday afternoon, and roughly a zillion swans at the ice edge near 
the south end of Lower Lake Rd (where it meets Rte 89, south of Cayuga 
Lake SP).

On 1/15/2022 9:56 AM, Peter Saracino wrote:
> Free at home Covid19 rapid test availability starting Wednesday at 
> <>. you can get 4 tests per 
> household shipped to your home.
> Sar
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