His wife's obit was published separately right after Bard's.
He died 20 Nov. '21 & Gina died 8 Dec.21. Their obits can be found on 
Dryden, NY Perkins Funeral Home page. Both Gina & Bard contributed much 
to their professions, to peoples & projects around them & were very much 
admired. For sure, Dryden & Ithaca benefited greatly because of her 
desire to preserve history. How they ever found time in their busy lives 
to be involved in so many activities & still have time to enjoy 
gardening & flowers is a mystery to me.
My children knew Bard as a teacher when he taught at Dewitt in Ithaca & 
then when he & they transferred to Dryden HS.
      Fritzie Blizzard

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> Several people in the area were interested in seeing this obituary 
> when it came out.
> I found it for those interested.
> https://www.perkinsfh.com/obituary/Bard-Prentiss
> Sincerely,
> Lee Ann van Leer


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