FYI: Bird-Friendly Maple

This is a presentation being given by an Audubon biologist in VT concerning 
CT’s Bird-Friendly Maple program, but Audubon New York does have a partnership 
in NY with at several sugarbushes: Sunny Hill Farm in Arcade NY and Mapleland 
Farms in Salem NY.

“As part of its Healthy Forests initiative, Audubon New York is partnering with 
maple producers to return sugarbushes to a more natural state. (Sugarbush 
refers to a forest stand which is utilized for maple syrup; the tree canopy is 
dominated by sugar maple.) The shift will benefit nesting songbirds, including 
Scarlet Tanagers, Wood Thrushes, Black-throated Blue Warblers, and Veeries—and 
make the resulting product more appealing to bird-loving consumers. "This 
project is truly a collaborative effort," says Suzanne Treyger, Forest Program 
Manager for Audubon New York. "We are integrating bird conservation with New 
York’s maple syrup industry by promoting sugarbush management practices that 
support birds, forest health, and sustainable sap production. The birds and the 
sugarbush both benefit."

For more information about NY’s Bird Friendly Maple Project: A Delicious 
Conservation Project for 

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An Inside Look: Bird-Friendly 


Event Details

Bird-Friendly Maple
Wednesday, February 16, 2022

4:00 - 5:00 p.m. ET

Roughly 3.4 million gallons of maple syrup are produced in the US each year, 
74% of which comes solely from the sugarbushes of Vermont, New York, and Maine. 
These sugarbushes (forests utilized for syrup production) aren’t just vital for 
our breakfast table – they provide essential nesting habitat for some of our 
most threatened songbirds.

Through the Bird-Friendly Maple Project, Audubon promotes sugarbush management 
practices that support birds, forest health, and sustainable maple sap 
production and certifies maple producers for improving habitat quality.

More information

Steve Hagenbuch is a Senior Conservation Biologist and forester with Audubon 
Vermont's Healthy Forests Initiative. In this position, he works with private 
landowners, municipalities, and other conservation partners to promote 
management activities that will enhance the health of forestland for priority 
bird species.

This presentation will cover:

  *   What birds can be found nesting in maple sugarbushes.
  *   What attributes make a maple sugarbush “bird-friendly”.
  *   How to recognize bird friendly maple and where to find it.


Scarlet Tanager. Photo: Jeff Nadler.



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