Good afternoon,

Wow it’s been a wild couple of days! We went from relatively low numbers of 
waterfowl and lots of ice and snow on Saturday to LOTS of birds and a lot more 
open water.

“Route 31 Muck”: this is the hot spot. These flooded ag fields are privately 
owned, but the birds do not care. Estimated 600,000+ Snow Geese (and they keep 
piling in), 3000 swans (90/10 Tundra/Trumpeter), Canadas of course, and 
thousands of ducks dominated by Northern Pintail currently. There are several 
gravel pull offs to get off the road safely. You will get some great views from 
this spot.

Armitage Road, Savannah: Don’t be fooled by the Snow Goose decoy spread on the 
south side of the road! The Western half of the road is flooded ag fields and 
there are quite a few swans, ducks, gulls, etc. here. I picked out some 
Ring-necked Ducks among others there this morning. Also there is a nearby Bald 
Eagle nest, so keep your eyes open for the adults. Sandhill Cranes also favor 
the drier fields to the east sometimes. I have yet to see any here, but they 
could arrive at any time.

Sandhill Cranes are being seen elsewhere: we’ve had them at the MAC, I just saw 
some along Morgan Road (Savannah), and from Carncross as well.

Don’t delay in visiting! They won’t stick around forever- and no, I don’t know 
when they are leaving 😊

Check us out on Facebook, I post updates there too. Most recent post has a map 
in the comments of how to find the muck flats:

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