​"New York Breeding Bird Atlas III -- Current Status in the Southern Tier"
Chemung​ Valley Audubon Society meets on Thursday, March 24, in the West End 
Room at Appleridge, 168 Miller St., Horseheads. All are welcome to attend to 
learn about local birds, the society's projects, and how to become involved. 
Appleridge is wheelchair accessible. Online viewing by Zoom is also available 
with a request to windingwayho...@aol.com .
The evening begins with a 7:00 p.m. Bird Identification Workshop. Following a 
brief business meeting at 7:30, Bill Ostrander will present "The New York 
Breeding Bird Atlas III -- Current Status in the Southern Tier."
With spring migration already underway, birders are again focused on the 
Breeding Bird Atlas, a 5-year endeavor (2020-2024) to document all of the bird 
species that nest in New York. Bill leads that charge for CVAS.
A lifelong birder and Chemung County resident, Bill contributed to the state's 
first and second Breeding Bird Atlases (1980-1985 and 2000-2005). Atlas data 
provide critical information on where threatened and endangered species breed 
in New York. The third atlas will improve understanding of bird distribution 
and abundance, and it will inform the conservation of birds and their habitats. 
Participation is open to all birders.
CVAS events are free and open to all. One of 27 chapters in New York State, its 
purpose is to encourage the study, enjoyment, and protection of birds and other 
wildlife, and to promote educational lectures, programs, and field trips. For 
online information, visit www.cvaudubon.org<http://www.cvaudubon.org> and the 
CVAS Facebook page.
Anita Seaberg
Elmira, NY


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