One soared and circled over the south-east edges of the Hile school wetland on 
Sunday. First I have seen this spring. 


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> On Mar 29, 2022, at 1:38 PM, Candace E. Cornell <> wrote:
> Cayuga's Ospreys—they are back—at least most males are! (Females often arrive 
> a week or so later than the males.) The Spring Equinox, March 20, 2022, 
> marked the return of this year's breeding Cayuga Lake Ospreys from Ithaca to 
> Seneca Falls. Since then, experienced male breeders can be seen in the parks 
> and along roadways gathering sticks to refurbish their nests and defend them 
> from interlopers. Ithaca's Cass Park ballfield pair and the Seneca Falls' 
> Opera House pair were the first breeding pairs seen on their nests this year. 
> Females return at a slower pace than the males waiting for them at their 
> nest. Soon we'll hear many excited "Creee, creee, cree"
> Thank you to everyone who reports Osprey sightings and nest locations during 
> the breeding season. There are over 170 Osprey nests located in the Finger 
> Lakes, concentrated around Cayuga and Seneca Lakes, and it is becoming one of 
> the largest inland populations in the eastern US. Nest spotters and monitors 
> are needed throughout the Finger Lakes to help survey this growing 
> population. This data is used to track population growth, fecundity, and nest 
> preferences as well as environmental changes. Email me if you would like to 
> participate in this study. Again, my thanks.
> (Please send reports of Ospreys to as well as Ebird). 
> Eyes to the sky!
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