Daughter, Becky Sewell, & I made the rounds checking osprey nests at the north 
end of Cayuga Lake this afternoon. Found 2 new nests near NY Chiropractor 
College south of Seneca Falls. In the canal channel in Cayuga we discovered 
that the old iron tower north of the RR bridge now has a new tall extension 
with a new platform that has sides on it to keep wind from blowing the nest 
off. It was obviously "seeded" with "invitational" sticks on top. Whoopee ...  
it had a pr. of Os on it.
We saw at least 4 platforms that had no "seeding" branches put on the platforms 
so those more than likely will never attract ospreys.
I don't have Becky's count of platforms or the number of Os seen but it was FAR 
more than the original 17 nests I saw when I decided to count nests between 
home & MNWR some 14 yrs. or so ago & triggered Candace Cornell's interest. .

At Long Point a common loon was in the boat launching area & surfaced a few 
seconds after I pulled up to the ramp so we had wonderful closeup views before 
a boat came from the lake. The loon apparently stayed submerged, swam under the 
boat & popped up just out in the lake... 

Here at home in Union Springs I was delighted to see a tree swallow 
investigating our box on the west end of the clothesline arm. House sparrows 
have the one on the east end while blue birds are in the box at the south end 
of the clothesline.

Carolyn Blizzard, Union Springs, NY


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