Merlin help, please. I can't compete with Worm-eating Warbler or Curlew 
Sandpiper, but, 

In past years the census of Merlin nesting pairs in ToCobenefited immensely by 
the work of grad. students studying crows. Thesestudents have finished their 
field work. It is impossible for me to do asthorough job working alone, and I 
think this will be the last year to attemptthis. I am going out 4-5 times a 
week, but can’t match the previous effort. Thisyear, thanks to reports of many, 
I have found nesting pairs in T’burg, South Hillnear Oak Hill Manner, near 
Forest Home Drive bridge, the Marina, and west ofWarren Rd: a sum of 5 nesting 
pairs compared to 11 the last two years.

Most pairs started incubating last week after which they gosilent until feeding 
older nestlings. Any help surveying the muted population of ToCoMerlin would be 


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