Today I checked all 4 of my nestboxes.  There are two groups of two each.
The two groups are about 350 ft apart.  The group where I saw a male house
sparrow 2 days ago had a male house sparrow sitting on top of it again.
There was the same nest in the box but no eggs.  The other box was empty.
In the other group I saw a tree swallow fly out of the box and a little
while later a tree swallow flew into the box.  I thought that meant this
was an active tree swallow nest and I did not disturb it.  The second box
in this group had a dead tree swallow sitting on a nest.  I removed the
nest with the tree swallow and on the floor of the nestbox were about 20
wriggling insects.

What is going on here?

There are 2 photos of this on my ebird checklist:
CHECKLIST S110613362

Thanks, Fred Kardon


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