11 July 2022 Union Springs, NY
I noticed several wks. ago the many dead trees (ash?) on the center of our 
beloved Frontenac Island, the only natural island in any of the Finger Lakes.. 
Today Becky & I were shocked to see that a large area of trees & rocks were 
white almost like firemen had sprayed with foam to put out a fire. She asked at 
the village office what had happened. Was told it was the fecal matter of 
cormorants. Said someone had tried chasing them away with noise, to no avail. 
Certainly there were far more cormorants & nests there this spring than I've 
ever seen.
In the village office is a  map of proposed use of shore land owned by the 
village, including possible extension of the rock ledge in the lake at the 
north end of the park to make the island accessible. People have already 
desecrated the island  ... no access should be increased.
This a.m. we watched as many cedar waxwings were flying out to scarf insects 
over Factory St. pond. They have long taken advantage of feeding there.
Fritzie B., Union Springs


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