I was standing in my friend's driveway in Danby (Nelson and Miller area) a few 
days ago when this bird landed and started dust bathing 20 feet in front of me. 
Binoculars were nearby in my car but I didn’t want to scare the bird off so 
this terrible movie is my only record. 

I get a real Horned Lark vibe, rare as I know that is. I would love the opinion 
of more experienced eyes? No vocalizations as it left. I thought juvenile 
meadowlark at first, but staring at the movie an unhealthy amount of times 
tells me not. Her daughters told me they have seen the bird dust bathing 
several times before in recent weeks, but I have been back to stalk it a few 
times with no luck. 

Sherwood Snyder

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