The 25th annual Montezuma Muckrace is scheduled for September 9-10th,

        The Muckrace is a 24 hour birding event in which teams (or
individuals) search the Montezuma Wetlands Complex trying to see or
hear as many species as possible. The event is also a fundraiser for
the Friends of the Montezuma Wetlands Complex. 2021 brought out 35
teams which totaled 187 species seen and/or heard and raised over

        Money raised goes towards bird conservation, wildlife habitat
improvement and public access in the Montezuma Wetlands complex. Teams
pay a registration fee and gather donations and/or sponsorships for
this fundraiser. There are several categories under which a team can
register including; Competitive, Recreational, Low-Carbon,
Family/Mentor, and Photo. 

        T-shirts will be available for $12 per team member and a pizza dinner
following the event is included in the registration fee. During the
dinner a wrap-up of the event will be presented and teams can share
their experiences and highlights. Camping will also be available at
the Montezuma Audubon Center in Savannah for Friday night.

        Please visit for
information on past Muckrace events and where you’ll be able to
register your team for this year’s event!.

        (Once again there will be an early gun season for deer with opening
day on 9/9. Hunters were sparse last year but wearing blaze orange is
advised, especially on Howland Island.)


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