Hi All,

Just a reminder that we are working next week on Wednesday and Thursday
with nearly the entire study body from New Roots Charter School -- 50-60
students (11th and 12th grade, many have worked with us previously) on
Wednesday morning and 40 students (10th graders) on Thursday morning.

Both mornings we will meet at the Newman Golf Course Pro shop on Willow
Avenue a bit before 10am and engage them until about noon.

Each day, we will split the big group into smaller groups.  About half the
students will start with  a bird walk, learn about eBird and Merlin phone
apps, and hear about our MOTUS wildlife tracking project that is helping us
learn where "our" migrating birds go  The other half will help with habitat
improvement work, learn about "whole body" ecology (even a tree has a sense
of place), and our connections to people working on similar conservation
projects elsewhere.  Each group could do the activity for an hour, and then
we can switch activities for the second hour.

We need people who are knowledgeable about birds, or eBird/Merlin, or
habitat in general, or migration, etc. to help shepherd the students.  I
will have some tools for habitat improvement work, but we can always use
more shovels, weed wrenches, and hand saws (and please bring your own work
gloves if you want to help with the habitat work).

I also could use lots of help before and after our engagement with the
students (e.g., picking up and returning equipment to the Cornell Botanic

If you can help one or both days, please drop me a note.

Jody Enck

Jody W. Enck, PhD
Conservation Social Scientist, and
Founder of the Sister Bird Club Network


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