Such an interesting question that I ponder when on a trail in Shindagin
that is evidently for the disabled, but would accommodate (illegally?)
vehicles not being used by the disabled. I love this trail because the
prolific mountain bikes don't seem to use it much, and I've never seen a
vehicle of any sort on it. In fact, I never encounter anyone on it.
Hopefully some disabled people do use it, and I'd be fine with that,
whatever vehicle they used. But I personally would hate to see more on it
in general! So, if a trail is constructed for the disabled, how are others
in vehicles kept off it? (I'm not so worried about the cycles.) And how is
use by the disabled encouraged? If the trail is more "advertised" for the
disabled, would others also take advantage of it?

On a related question: I also walk on the trails and dirt roads at the end
of Mineah and sometimes a bunch of young kids (one tween maybe, with
younger siblings?) come by on a three or four wheeler, RV. They startle me,
not just because they're not wearing helmets, but because the vehicle is
fast and noisy to the point that one child has his hands over his ears. The
vehicle definitely would scare away birds or other wildlife. I don't think
there are use regulations in that area, but sticking my values on theirs,
it seems a shame that the kids aren't just walking, which they would
probably enjoy more (they all look a little bored). And then others
wouldn't be annoyed by that vehicle.


On Sun, Sep 25, 2022 at 11:53 AM Carl Steckler <>

> For those who are mobility impaired birding has few choices and even fewer
> acceptable choices. I sincerely doubt that few of us (birders) would object
> to a birder  in a wheelchair, either pushed or electric. But what if you
> could walk, just not very far or very long?
> Would an electric scooter or some other evehicle be acceptable?
> As technology improves evehicles, whether two, three or four wheels,
> become more available and eco friendly.
> The question is as a birder is how acceptable are you in allowing those
> with mobility issues to take advantage of the emerging technology that is
> available?
> Simply put, how much are you willing to accommodate your fellow birders
> with disabilities?
> And hopefully a lively discussion ensues.
> Carl
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