Bluejays have been flying south in flocks the past couple of days - usually in 
the morning and where I am (up on Snyder Hill) - quite close to the treetops. 
I’ll never forget the spectacle of hundreds of them streaming along the cliff 
sides as seen from Myers park. And yet my local families are busy at the 
feeders, loading up on sunflower seed and flying off to cache them.

Last night, for a good 45 minutes, there was a male Great Horned Owl hooting 
continuously from somewhere on the edge of the woods. First time I have heard 
one since last winter. I expect that soon the female will show up and the pair 
will begin duetting. (male’s voice higher - females’ lower) I’ve never found 
their nest, never even come across a fledgling up here (they usually give 
themselves away by their loud, incessant calls).

Bob McGuire

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