Yesterday as I was out walking, a couple pointed out to me, that there was a 
Gold Finch flapping about in a burdock plant!  I went up to the plant and saw 
that the bird’s wing was clearly stuck and attached to the burdock, so I 
gathered the bird in my hand and gently pulled its' stuck wing feathers away.  
I half expected it to fly away—but instead it sort of fluttered to the 
ground—and continued to rest.  There wasn’t an appropriate nearby tree to set 
it upon, so we just left the bird on the ground—but underneath some large 
leafed weed—well concealed.  I went to same spot on my walk today, and there 
was no sign of the bird.  I like to think that it escaped predators.  However, 
I had several burdock plants attached to my arm!  I’ve heard of hummingbirds 
getting stuck in spider webs—but this was my first experience of a bird being 
caught on a burdock plant.

Sara Jane Hymes


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