About 2:30 p.m. my daughter, Becky, heard a gunshot & almost immediately the 
frantic canon-like sound of thousands of snows immediately becoming airborne. 
They were in the fields around Spruce Haven farm  on White Rd. east of Union 
Springs just east of Ridge Rd..She called me & I was able from my house in 
Union Springs, to see the beginning flights of thousands of geese. The closer 
they came, the higher they flew towards the WNW   The first flights were going 
over the west side of Cayuga Lake before the end flights came from the east. 
They definitely made no move to land on Cayuga Lake & perhaps were heading 
towards Seneca Lake. 
So, YES, snows are still in the area but gunshots, whether by farmers or 
hunters or natural decisions seems to be keeping them on the move.

Fritzie B. 


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