Around noon today we saw from Union Springs a large continuum of skeins across 
the lake land towards the opposite shore - we think - which according to google 
maps would be offshore from Canoga where there is no public access. When we 
drove back south around 2:30, we saw a few "small" islands of snow geese not 
too far offshore, between Dean's Cove and Thirsty Owl; we were in a hurry then 
so did not stop to investigate further.

Other highlights of our trip including the most cooperative snow bunting ever 
on Davis road, perched on a bush right by the road where we pulled over and 
staying out for fantastic naked eye looks by everyone before we got out of the 
van. We saw a few more small flocks of snow buntings and horned larks 
throughout the day, including on the west side of the lake coming down. A pair 
of merlins were at Frontenac park in Union springs as well. Good variety of 
waterfowl at factory street pond as well as at the MNWR visitor center where 
four sandhill were a big hit, especially when they started dancing.

Composed by thumb and autocorrect.

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