Good snowy afternoon to you! Here is some important information about tonight’s 
CBC meeting via Zoom.

In case you haven’t heard yet, we will be doing a ZOOM meeting for tonight 
instead of an in-person meeting. This is due to the weather and anticipated 
poor travel conditions tonight. To get to the Zoom link, Please see the Club 
Calendar <> for the Zoom link.

Recently Diane M. and Jody E. have have brought a budget proposal to me for the 
purchase of an additional Purple Martin house to be erected in a different 
location at Stewart Park. It has been APPROVED by the Exec. Committee and the 
Directors. We need the membership to vote on this tonight, so I will ask that 
all members who will be “attending” tonight's meeting be familiar with it ahead 
if time. It can be found on the CBC website under the “newsletter” link on the 
left hand side. Open the latest (March 2023) newsletter. Scroll down, as the 
proposal is near the bottom. We will let all of tonight's attendees know the 
procedure for asking questions and how to vote via Zoom during the meeting's 
broadcast. A reminder: only CBC members are allowed to vote.

Thanks for your time.

Ken Haas
Cayuga Bird Club VP


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