Lots of activity under the feeders this nice spring day. Our first of the year 
red-breasted nuthatch, fox sparrow (singing as well as foraging under the 
feeders) and female red-winged blackbirds.  In addition, a flock of 25 grackles 
has descended this afternoon.  The Carolina wren that has been around all 
winter is visiting today and a female pileated woodpecker joined the numerous 
downy and hairy woodpeckers to work the suet feeders.  2 song sparrows showed 
up yesterday and are singing away this afternoon.   Oh, and yesterday we had a 
visit from 8 turkeys - a species that has been absent from our yard for the 
last 2-3 years, whereas they were reliable visitors before that.  
  Happy Spring!

Laura Stenzler
Hunt Hill Road, Ithaca

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