Numbers weren't high in the windy weather at MNWR today, but some nice sights 

2 Sandhill Cranes at the pond by the visitor center this AM, along with a 
number of Northern Pintails, Green-winged Teals, and at least one American 
Black Duck x Mallard. Plus of course some watchful Canadian geese.

A small flock of Sandhill Cranes landed in the water along the shore below the 
drive up  at the Marsellus-Knox marsh just as we got there, and stayed for a 
good while (a small group of dabblers also there among a few Canadian geese, 
but the angle of the bright spring sun had them silhouetted,  preventing a good 
look to say what kind).

Then, in the Savannah marsh, a pair of Trumpeter swans landed, also just as we 
got there, for a languid bit of preening in the sun. In the water beyond,  a 
little too far for us to be able to say for sure, a pair of American Wigeons 
(we think) shared some late morning peace and quiet, windy weather 

All in all, a lovely  early spring morning in the Finger Lakes.

Eveline Ferretti
Public Programs & Communication Administrator
Mann Library / Cornell University Library


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