This morning at Salt Point one bird was atop the platform at the point,
making frequent forays to collect sticks - fun to watch it grab at branches
while flying past a tree but fail to snap it off. After a break, it flew in
the direction of the railway bridge over Salmon Creek, and when I walked
down in that direction, one osprey (A) was sitting atop a utility pole with
a sizeable fish, while another osprey (B) was on the platform close to the
railway bridge. I _think_ B was the first bird I'd been observing on the
point platform, but am not sure. Anyhow, B flew to land on that same
utility pole alongside A, seemingly expecting A to share some of the fish,
with no sign of aggression between the two birds as far as I could tell.
But A did not want to share and unceremoniously flew off with the fish,
while B sat there for a while before flying back to the platform at the
point, making a failed grab at a tree branch along the way.

I have photos of both birds, but don't have enough experience with the
necklaces to discern male vs. female.




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