Imagine my surprise last night when I spotted a male Ring Neck Pheasant near 
the feeders.  It’s a new yard bird for me.  I got a few pics before he left.  I 
never expected to see him again.  Imagine my surprise this morning when I found 
him sitting on a teak table on my front porch!  I was unsuccessful get any more 
pictures.  When I last saw him, he was running for cover under the spruce trees 
out front.  Who knows.  Maybe he’ll stick around and I’ll get to see him again. 
 Nice way to start the day.  Well, he’s back under the south feeder scarfing up 
seed.  I thought I heard him call.  And now he’s parading around my garden.  
Fun, fun

As an aside, when I was a kid we lived in a newly developed part of Westvale, 
near Syracuse.  We were only the third house there so it was pretty wild.  
There were lots of pheasants back then.  My dad and a neighbor used to go 
upstairs and shoot pheasants from there.  No houses in that directions.  Over 
the years I rarely saw a pheasant

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